Bring HAKKA liquidity to Polygon

As you may know, Hakka’s latest product iGain is now on Polygon, and we are doing liquidity mining on it as well. However, lack of liquidity made it difficult to transfer token back and forth. Anyswap is charging a significant amount of token for fee.

As a result, I suggest Hakka Finance to migrate a portion of mainnet liquidity to Polygon. Since the liquidity was funded half by the core team’s reserve and half by the ecosystem fund, I’d like to request for comments and would officially initiate a poll later.

Hakka Foundation’s multisig is holding ~94% of LP, containing 12M HAKKA and 52 ETH. I suggest let’s migrate 30% of that to Polygon.


I like this. A lot of people use Polygon, and Eth mainnet is prohibitively expensive for people with more modest incomes. I currently have HAKKA AND SHAKKA staked, and am earning HAKKA with that. Not sure that I would unstake all my SHAKKA and move my HAKKA to Polygon since I’m already earning, but for new folks coming in, they might prefer that.

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nice and great move to polygon with lower gas

Snapshot vote for this proposal:

Liquidity successfully migrated.