[BUDGET] Airdrop for 3 2022/04 Events

Airdrop Budget for 3 2022/04 Events:

  • iGain IRS Referral Program
  • iGain IRS Trading Volume Competiton
  • Synergy Metaverse Airdrop


  • Make users increase their usage of iGain IRS by trading at high frequency and referring
  • Reward loyal $HAKKA community members

Total Amount Requested:

  • Referral: 54,000 $HAKKA
  • Trading Volume Competition: 72,804 $HAKKA
  • Synergy Metaverse: 17,600 $HAKKA

3 campaigns involving airdrops have been run in April.

For all 3 campaigns, the airdrop aims at rewarding desired user behavior (trading, referring friends, owning $HAKKA and participating on Discord).