[BUDGET] iGain IRS AMA Airdrop Budget

DAO Members involved:
Lucien Lee
Ping Chen

Airdrop Budget for 1 AMA Event

Attract users to iGain IRS

Total Amount Requested:
$500 in $HAKKA

As Hakka Finance has recently launched its new product, iGain IRS, we are organizing diverse campaigns to raise awareness and acquire more users and help gain traction on our protocol.

Those campaigns include 1 “AMA” (Ask Me Anything) event in partnership with:

*ImToken: https://twitter.com/imTokenOfficial/status/1495649186485784577

Members of ImToken community would be asking questions, and to encourage them to participate and know more about iGain IRS, we would like to offer some $HAKKA Tokens.

As we intend to onboard those members to use our protocol, and buy Long, Short, or Liquidity Provider tokens, the cost of that airdrop is in fact a customer acquisition cost (CAC), which would eventually bring a Return on Investment (ROI) as they use more products in the Hakka Finance ecosystem over time.

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