Igain irs - Big problem

I am an Igain IRS user in the hakka finance community.
I see a current Igain IRS issue as follows:

  • The farming program receives $hakka tokens as an incentive for LPs. However, the price of hakka continuously decreased, making many users not want to do LP, thus leading to very low liquidity in the pools, high slippage.
  • When slippage is high, traders will not want to buy/sell long short tokens.
    All of this will lead to discouraging users from using Igain IRS products.
    I hope Mr.Ping Chen and other big hands will have ideas to solve this problem.
  • Hakka has good code but a modest business strategy. The word “weak” can be used to describe it.
  • Shiba is another opposite direction. A strong marketing community with a coin meme, just in time for the market to rise, and start coding after having a large capital.
  • If you look closely, Hakka also has some capital after the uptrend period. Currently focusing on products.
  • Building many very good products but without users: no matter how good the product is, it will always be beta, not official.
  • Good marketing is word of mouth marketing. A few people then a few hundred to thousands, millions of people. A larger user community and trust in hakka is essential.
  • And of course, if you use money as bait, it will end. If the coin runs out, it’s hard for the project to go far.

What I think is that everyone needs to have faith in the project. But good code is working in silence, and if shown, people still don’t know. So faith doesn’t lie in how good you are at coding.