iGain launch & liquidity mining has started

iGain is live on BSC now!

Today, we are thrilled to present iGain - Impermanent Gain for the Hakka community! On 2021/11/04 8:00 (UTC), it was launched on Binance Smart Chain.

iGain - Impermanent Gain is a decentralized option platform designed to hedge IL when you provide liquidity in any AMM swap.

The first IL option is BNB/BUSD in 60 days with 10x leverage. If you have any BNB/BUSD LP in any AMM, you could hedge your impermanent loss with this option.

At the same time, we have started liquidity mining of iGain LP token. We will distribute 500,000 $HAKKA tokens for all stakes BNB/BUSD iGain LP.

Finally, come with us and try iGain now!
:rocket: https://igain.finance

How to farm with iGain LP

1. Prepare BUSD on BSC, and provide liquidity

Go to option page, iGain Ecosystem and add liquidity with your BUSD.

2. Stake your iGain LP token in the farm pool

Go to staking page, https://hakka.finance/farms/0x4E353C2CCc7DfB6a4d3Ea7802ddEBa226574702E, and deposit iGain LP to earn!

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