Mining Rewards Adjustment Notice

Staking Reward of sHAKKA (5th Month)

We increase the staking rewards from 6,000,000 to 8,000,000 HAKKA rewards in this pool in the 5th month to incentivize HAKKA Staking. As usual, these HAKKA rewards will be distributed under our vesting term to stabilize the circulation of HAKKA.

For more information on staking, please visit Introduce HAKKA Staking & sHAKKA and Staking Tutorial.

BHS-Related Pools Sunset

BlackHoleSwap, our first product, provides the best liquidity when the price of stablecoins fluctuates greatly. However, the exchange rate of stablecoins has stabilized recently. As a result, BlackHoleSwap is losing traction, and we decide to stop the liquidity mining program next week. The affected pools are as follows:


Binance Smart Chain:

After unstacking LP/removing liquidity from the above pools, you will get BHSc$, the LP token of BlakcHoleSwap, and the way to take your stablecoins back is to trade it on Balancer (for Ethereum only), or remove liquidity from the following links:

BlackHoleSwap v1 on Ethereum:

BlackHoleSwap v2 on Binance Smart Chain:

Upcoming Event

The next round of Hakka Intelligence on BSC is about to start, stay tuned!


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