[STAKING] Expand HAKKA staking v2 to Polygon and BNB

Last week, the proposal to adopt a multichain staking system for HAKKA has been declined by the community.

Since multichain staking is unquestionably one of the most requested features from HAKKA holders (often asked during AMAs), we believe the the issue does not reside in the end goal, but in the means.

Therefore, instead, we, the Hakka Finance core team, have decided to proceed with a more gradual approach.

Earlier this week, the mainnet staking upgrade to v2 has been approved by the community [SNAPSHOT VOTE]. Now, the proposal will be focusing specifically on the expansion of that system to BNB and Polygon Network, while its features would remain the same as the ones proposed last week.

Do you agree to expand the scope of staking v2 to HAKKA tokens used on Polygon Network and BNB Chain

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