[STAKING] Expand HAKKA voting power to Polygon and BNB

From the creation of the Hakka Finance DAO until now, it has only been possible to stake HAKKA and get voting power on Ethereum mainnet.

At the time of its creation, such a system was something that made total sense. However, gas fees can now be a real obstacle for traders and contributors. Plus, more HAKKA is now in circulation in various networks outside Ethereum .

So, due to popular demand, the Hakka Finance core team is working on expanding its staking system to more chains (Polygon + BNB)!

How is it going to work?

  • The expansion to new chains will require the creation of a Version 2 of Staking. Current stakers are in V1 and V1 staking will not be possible anymore. V2 stakers’ voting power will be increasing over time to incentivize the transition from V1 to V2.
  • If you own Hakka in multiple chains, you can cumulate voting power, which will be the addition of your voting power over multiple chains
  • Your voting power proportion across chains will also be visible on the Staking page.

Do you agree to expand and combine the Hakka staking and voting power to Polygon Network and BNB Chain in addition to Ethereum Mainnet?

More details on the upgrade on our Medium page.
Chinese Version.

Overall thoughts are the more decentralized the better so overall I’m in favor of crosschain staking; although I do have some concerns that the more chains available to stake on the more likely the current inflationary environment sticks with us…

Will vesting of rewards be the same and require manual claiming? Any considerations to changing it?

Any thoughts on incorporating OATs and community participation into governance through more voting rights or higher sHAKKA conversion ratio (could be a tiered approach)?