[STAKING] Transition to HAKKA staking v2 (Mainnet only)

gm Hakka community!

Since the snapshot vote for the full expansion of the HAKKA staking system didn’t result in an approval from voters, the core team has decided to proceed in a more gradual manner to make sure the community obtains what it really wants.

First, we have launched a snapshot vote that concerns the upgrade to v2 of mainnet exclusively.

This upgrade implies the suspension of v1 staking model, meaning that

  • on v1, only withdrawals of current staked HAKKA will be possible, no more staking
  • staking will only be possible on v2

Snapshot vote.

However, we are aware that expanding staking to new networks (BNB and Polygon in particular) is one of the most popular requests from the HAKKA community. So that specific expansion will be subject to a snapshot vote happening this week.

What are your thoughts? Please feel free to discuss let us know before the expansion proposal is done so we can include your feedback!

More details on the upgrade on our Medium page .
Chinese Version.