Voting for the next round of Hakka Intelligence

As we mentioned in this announcement, we’ve launched the newly-designed Hakka Intelligence interface!

For the first round with the new interface, we want the community to discuss which tokens we are going to predict.

Two things to determined:

  1. How many kinds of tokens?
  2. Which token?

Leave your comment below!


We can only use the tokens that Chainlink provides price feed on BSC. Please check the list here: Decentralized Data Feeds | Chainlink

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How about we host the Defi topic rounds? Since we’re a Defi protocol, we would like to show our community has a great Defi sense. According to the tokens on chainlink oracle, I suggest that we could have two rounds, one is Defi OG, and another is BSC Defi.

Defi OG

  • COMP
  • AAVE
  • BZRX
  • UNI
  • YFI
  • DF


  • CAKE
  • AUTO
  • XVS
  • WING

If any token I missed, please reply in this thread.

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It looks nice. I prefer

  • COMP
  • AAVE
  • UNI
  • YFI

These are more popular

It’s nearly impossible to predict precise prices for altcoins.
To predict the price of top 5 crypto by market cap would be more meaningful to me.

How about BTC, ETH, BNB, ADA + BUSD?

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There are too many low-cap tokens here.
I suggest using DPI for the whole DeFi market.
So maybe <BTC, ETH, DPI, BUSD> is representative enough?


It sounds interesting.
Maybe just select BTC, ETH, BNB + BUSD?

Nice, DPI could be a good representation for defi, but it’s hard to ppl perceive the value change of whole defi market.

How about a set of animal coins like

Alpaca, Dogecoin, SHIBA INU, Samoyedcoin :guide_dog: :guide_dog: :guide_dog: